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5 Vibrant Markets To Visit In Turkey Outside Of Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul might be Turkey’s most famous market, but there are markets of all types to explore throughout the country. You can find everything from intricately woven rugs to delicious food, produce, and drinks. If you’re planning a on experiencing some Turkish delight and are hoping to explore the country’s famous markets, then here are 5 vibrant places to visit outside of the capital.

1. Marmaris Market

Located in the attractive coastal city of Marmaris on the Turquoise Coast, the Marmaris Market is modelled after the Bazaar in Istanbul. Also known as the Marmaris Grand Bazaar, a variety of shops under covered walkways offer everything from jewellery, clothing, and housewares, to delicious local produce, snacks, and food. This is a labyrinth of shops and stalls you’ll be happy to get lost in!

2. Fethiye Market

Open each Tuesday, Fethiye Market is one of the largest on the country’s southern coast and is oriented toward locals and tourists alike, selling spices and fresh produce for cooking up a delicious Turkish meal. You’ll also find Turkish rugs, textiles, clothing, and other hard goods. Fethiye Market is a great place to stop for quick bite to eat, as you’ll find tasty kebabs and pancakes served up near the canal. A smaller farmers’ market is held on Fridays.

Hardware stall at Fethiye Marke

3. Turunc Market

The Turunc Market happens every Monday in the town of Turunc in the Marmaris district. The town is a former fishing village, and the laidback atmosphere of this coastal getaway means the market has a much slower pace than usual. Turunc Market is an open market, selling both hard goods as well fresh produce. Be sure to take your time, relax, shop, haggle, and enjoy this uniquely mellow market.

4. Hisaronu Market

On the outskirts of the village and below the spectacular cliff-side tombs of Hisaronu, you will find the Hisaronu Market every Monday. This small but colourful market features a wide range of traditional Turkish goods, such as rugs and lamps, as well as fresh produce and spices. The Hisaronu Market is a perfect place to shop and search for mementos from your holiday in a relaxed atmosphere.

Shopping for Turkish rugs

5. Sarigerme Market

For visitors staying near the beach town of Sarigerme, the local market is an ideal spot for shopping, eating, or simply exploring. At this small but exciting market, you can pick up everything from perfume and cologne to DVDs. But whatever you purchase at Fethiye Market, don’t forget to haggle your way down to the best price!

Whether you’re heading to Turkey to explore ancient ruins, relax on a beach, or taste the fine local delicacies, don’t miss out on your chance to experience the thrills of a visit to a traditional Turkish market.

Images by Marina & Enrique, Chris Parfitt and William Neuheisel used under Creative Commons License.

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