The Must Stop Mediterranean Cruise Destinations For Shopaholics

Lapping up the beaming rays as you pound the pavements and stack your arms with shopping bags- sounds perfect, right? Well Mediterranean Cruises are your ticket to all of this and more. But where are the best spots to satisfy your inner shopaholic on a tour of the southern European coast? Well here are a few…

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The Best Markets In Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot to offer the travelling shopaholic. The shopping options range from luxury boutiques to Spanish high street stalwarts like Zara. You can get a real taste of the history, cuisine and culture of Barcelona, however, at its centuries old markets. Read on to discover 3 of the best markets in Barcelona for food, history and second hand bargains.

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5 Vibrant Markets To Visit In Turkey Outside Of Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul might be Turkey’s most famous market, but there are markets of all types to explore throughout the country. You can find everything from intricately woven rugs to delicious food, produce, and drinks. If you’re planning a on experiencing some Turkish delight and are hoping to explore the country’s famous markets, then here are 5 vibrant places to visit outside of the capital.

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Shop Of The Month: Editor Market, Buenos Aires

Hold the phone, there’s a new shopping mecca in town. Following on from the success of its flagship store in downtown Buenos Aires, the stylish yet hip Editor Market has opened the second of what is to be a plethora of locations citywide in trendy Palermo Hollywood. More a concept store than a department store, Editor Market aims to reflect the diversity of modern living. It does this through the careful design and integration of both the interior and the displays, the rigid selection of top class local designers and the handpicked collection of items on sale. It is a retail paradise in the guise of a one-stop-shop, and everything is covered, from homewares and chic furniture, clothing and footwear, books and bicycles to  stuff for kids and even a delicious cafe.

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Four Fab Bookshops In Edinburgh

The historic cobbled streets of Edinburgh are a heaven for book lovers. The literary city is not only home to famous authors and a fantastic book festival but beautiful books shops too. From a design-driven contemporary store to cluttered caves of second-hand tomes – these are our favourite bookshops in Edinburgh.

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The Ultimate Packing Guide For Every Type Of Winter Break

When winter comes around, a lot of us find ourselves itching to either escape the freezing snowfall or to enjoy it on an adventure elsewhere. There are so many options for winter escapes: You can spend your time in a warm and sunny destination, take to the slopes for a sporty ski trip, get a dose of the downtown lifestyle in a bustling city, or head to the great outdoors for an adventurous escapade. No matter your taste for a winter escape this year, there is one thing that all of these trips have in common: packing.

Many people who travel have the same laments about packing: they don’t know what to bring! Thus, over-packing is a crime often committed but seldom remedied. For fear of not bringing enough, we bring way too much, which is sometimes more frustrating than the former. But not to fear, because I have some tried-and-true tips for you to use when packing for each of these winter escape scenarios, so that you can worry about much more important details of your trip, such as the itinerary. Happy packing!

Somewhere Sunny 

Less chill equals smaller clothes, which equals more packing space. Take advantage of this luxury and be sure to pack your favourite tanks, maxi dresses and swimsuits. Perhaps more important than the clothing, though, is beauty products. When it comes to hot destinations in the wintertime, chances are your skin will experience a sort of shock. Make sure to pack sunscreen and lotion. I love these ideas, one of which suggests a 2-in-1 dry oil to multitask against your dry skin and hair dilemmas.

sunny suit (lyst)

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On The Market: Suitcase Rummage Brisbane

I love nothing more than when an abandoned but beautiful industrial building is transformed into a retail and arts precinct. Brisbane’s Powerhouse was once the source of electricity for the city’s tram network, but is now a cultural hotspot, where you’ll find free live music, comedy concerts, an atmospheric bar and (on the Sunday of my visit) the Suitcase Rummage street market.

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