5 Best Cities for Shopping in Africa

Last year I set off on an adventure to Africa. I thought that I had it all figured out and that I knew exactly what I could expect. But this mysterious continent took me by surprise. Apart from its natural beauty, the continent boasts some great shopping locations. If you are a fashion enthusiast as I am, you should definitely pin these cities to your map.

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Shop Like A Local In The Philippines At The Ukay-Ukay!

Picture it – tons of inexpensive clothes arranged (often messily) on racks and shelves high and low. Customers meticulously go through each pair of used jeans and faded shirts, trying to find the one that fits them perfectly. A lady in the back bargains with the shopkeeper, both their voices loud, trying to settle on a price.

These are the common sounds of the Philippine ukay-ukay.

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Central Florida Shopping Guide: Hidden Gems You Might Not Know About

When people think of Central Florida, Disney World and other major theme parks immediately come to mind. Little do most realize that the area has a lot of amazing shopping. Check out some local hotspots below.

Trendy & Unique: Shop, Sip and See


photo thanks to ferrellrealtyinc.com

Park Avenue – This brick paved, oak lined avenue in Winter Park is a hidden gem except to those in-the-know. Besides the old Florida look and feel of this beautiful stretch of road, the multitude of boutiques, galleries and cafés is amazing.

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Adelaide Shopping Guide

Believe it or not, Australia is a gold mine, no, let’s make that an opal mine, for shopping. Known for delicious food, fashion, vintage or antique boutiques, the land down under won’t disappoint. More specifically, South Australia’s Adelaide won’t disappoint any shopaholic on the search for treasures, bargains and make-overs. Find out why Adelaide is a shopper’s dream-come-true by reading on.

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Surfers Paradise Shopping Guide

Surfers Paradise

The name might throw you off if you’re not a big surfer but don’t let that hold you back. Catch the shopping wave in one of the Gold Coast’s best districts, about 40 km north of Brisbane City. Open 7 days a week, including late nights, Surfers Paradise combines long stretches of beautiful beaches with some of the best shopping in Australia. What can you expect to find? Just about everything and more is available to fill your shopping bags.

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Sydney Shopping Guide

When exploring Australia, people tend to think of outdoorsy nature related activities such as snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef or camping by Ayers Rock. You may not believe Australia has much to offer the shopaholic. Oh how wrong you are! Australian cities, Sydney in particular, has some of the best shopping on planet earth. Begin your Sydney shopping odyssey by checking out our favourite locations.

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