Shopping Guide to Leeds

Being a Northern girl at heart (transplanted from America), I am constantly drawn to the different cities around Northern England. Although there’s plenty to love about London, there’s so much more to see, eat and buy outside the Big Smoke. Manchester is one of my favourites for shopping, with Liverpool followed closely behind, but I wanted to explore another capitol of the North, I wanted to find another city to love and devote my pounds to. That city is Leeds.

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A Stylish Guide to Martha’s Vineyard

stylish guide to martha's vineyard

I spent most of my summers growing up visiting Martha’s Vineyard, a small island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Hop a ferry from the mainland and in less than an hour you’ll be in one of the islands two main ports. It’s an idyllic New England summer escape and one that has left a truly lasting impression on me.

It’s a place full of memories, days spent on the beach, diving into the ocean from the infamous jumping bridge, eating ice cream and the smell of fresh fudge. It brings back so many emotions, I can’t help but smile.

I recently revisited the island as an adult and all those feelings came rushing back, all those smells were there, the same beaches, the same breakfasts. Except, it was even better. Suddenly I was interested in all the amazing boutique hotels, the delicious restaurants that are serving up top quality food, and the plethora of shopping there is to be had.

Now when I think of Martha’s Vineyard I don’t immediately think of flying horses and fudge, I think of charcuterie and plush beds, whisky bars and mudslides. I think of the grown-up version of Martha’s Vineyard instead.

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A Packing Guide to Paris in Spring

eiffel tower

I’ve been dreaming about my Spring holiday to Paris for months. I’ve read article after article about what to pack, what the weather will be like, how not to look like a tourist and instead blend in with the Parisians. I’ve made packing lists and styled outfits specifically for this trip because: Paris! It’s the home of fashion and this travelling shopaholic wants to fit in while she peruses those beautiful boutiques.

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Shopping Guide to Copenhagen

where to shop in copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the most visited cities in Scandinavia, and for good reason. It’s full of Michelin star restaurants, stunning architecture, and, you guessed it, top class shopping. There are so many different neighbourhoods that are easily accessible from the city centre, all with something different to offer the discerning shopper.
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Shopping In Seoul

Seoul is a city full of excitement. Parties go on all night, restaurants serve food into the wee hours of the morning and shopping malls stay open well past dark. Korean style is unique and shopping in the country’s capital is unlike any experience you’ve had before. Simply hop on the subway and pick a neighbourhood to explore.

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