Shopping Guide to Copenhagen

where to shop in copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the most visited cities in Scandinavia, and for good reason. It’s full of Michelin star restaurants, stunning architecture, and, you guessed it, top class shopping. There are so many different neighbourhoods that are easily accessible from the city centre, all with something different to offer the discerning shopper.
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Shopping In Seoul

Seoul is a city full of excitement. Parties go on all night, restaurants serve food into the wee hours of the morning and shopping malls stay open well past dark. Korean style is unique and shopping in the country’s capital is unlike any experience you’ve had before. Simply hop on the subway and pick a neighbourhood to explore.

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Central Florida Shopping Guide: Hidden Gems You Might Not Know About

When people think of Central Florida, Disney World and other major theme parks immediately come to mind. Little do most realize that the area has a lot of amazing shopping. Check out some local hotspots below.

Trendy & Unique: Shop, Sip and See


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Park Avenue – This brick paved, oak lined avenue in Winter Park is a hidden gem except to those in-the-know. Besides the old Florida look and feel of this beautiful stretch of road, the multitude of boutiques, galleries and cafés is amazing.

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Sydney Shopping Guide

When exploring Australia, people tend to think of outdoorsy nature related activities such as snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef or camping by Ayers Rock. You may not believe Australia has much to offer the shopaholic. Oh how wrong you are! Australian cities, Sydney in particular, has some of the best shopping on planet earth. Begin your Sydney shopping odyssey by checking out our favourite locations.

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Toronto Shopping Secrets

Toronto is a culturally diverse hub filled with aromatic culinary scents from all over the globe that linger across the city. The city whose name was derived from Mohawk, meaning “where there are trees standing in the water”, certainly reflects a different vibe. From the top-notch art scene to the hip nightlife and of course the fabulous shopping, one could spend hours strolling the distinctive areas that make up the city. Yet few people who visit take the time to explore what lies beyond the main tourist shopping, dining and entertainment spots. This is where the magic, and eclectic, hidden Toronto lies.

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New York Shopping Secrets

New York

We’ve all heard of Fifth Avenue – the names Tiffany, Macy’s, Saks and Bloomingdale’s roll off the tongue of any travelling shopaholic. But where do New Yorkers go when they want to find a bargain or peacefully browse second-hand books? Read on as we reveal our New York shopping secrets.

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