A Packing Guide to Paris in Spring

eiffel tower

I’ve been dreaming about my Spring holiday to Paris for months. I’ve read article after article about what to pack, what the weather will be like, how not to look like a tourist and instead blend in with the Parisians. I’ve made packing lists and styled outfits specifically for this trip because: Paris! It’s the home of fashion and this travelling shopaholic wants to fit in while she peruses those beautiful boutiques.

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The Ultimate Packing Guide For Every Type Of Winter Break

When winter comes around, a lot of us find ourselves itching to either escape the freezing snowfall or to enjoy it on an adventure elsewhere. There are so many options for winter escapes: You can spend your time in a warm and sunny destination, take to the slopes for a sporty ski trip, get a dose of the downtown lifestyle in a bustling city, or head to the great outdoors for an adventurous escapade. No matter your taste for a winter escape this year, there is one thing that all of these trips have in common: packing.

Many people who travel have the same laments about packing: they don’t know what to bring! Thus, over-packing is a crime often committed but seldom remedied. For fear of not bringing enough, we bring way too much, which is sometimes more frustrating than the former. But not to fear, because I have some tried-and-true tips for you to use when packing for each of these winter escape scenarios, so that you can worry about much more important details of your trip, such as the itinerary. Happy packing!

Somewhere Sunny 

Less chill equals smaller clothes, which equals more packing space. Take advantage of this luxury and be sure to pack your favourite tanks, maxi dresses and swimsuits. Perhaps more important than the clothing, though, is beauty products. When it comes to hot destinations in the wintertime, chances are your skin will experience a sort of shock. Make sure to pack sunscreen and lotion. I love these ideas, one of which suggests a 2-in-1 dry oil to multitask against your dry skin and hair dilemmas.

sunny suit (lyst)

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Packing For A Trip To The Gold Coast Australia

I attended a blogging conference last week which was set on the gorgeous Gold Coast of Australia. Although I spent most of my time inside picking the brains of professional bloggers I did make the most of the free time in-between sessions to take in the serene surroundings. (See above for prime example!)

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Shopping List: Ted Baker Sammie Suitcase

Ted Baker Sammie suitcase

We’ve fallen in love… with a suitcase. Can you just picture yourself rolling this across departures, the mint green luggage coordinating with your pastel-coloured outfit? Or rolling into a boutique hotel with these fresh blooms on your luggage? Ladies will swoon at the luggage carousel, men will fall over themselves to help carry it.

Ok, maybe we’ve gone a bit too far.

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Cruising With the Cool — The Best Clothes to Wear On a Cruise Holiday

One of the most common questions for first time summer cruisers is, what do I wear? You want to look good on and off the ship on a summer cruise, to feel comfortable but also blend seamlessly with the other passengers formal style of dressing. Dress codes have, however, relaxed a lot over the last few years.

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Travel Beauty Essentials At World Duty Free

For me a holiday involves two S’s – shopping and sunshine. I’ve had to develop a travel beauty regime that involves sun protection as well as durability with a little dose of girly glamour thrown in too.

Last week I was on holiday in Greece and trialled a number of the travel beauty essentials available exclusively at World Duty Free – handy travel size products that you can grab on the go and buy tax free at airports worldwide! I’ve since incorporated a number of the items into my ‘must pack make up bag’ and this is why.

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