Shop of the Month: Fabriano, Rome

Fabriano is where stationery gets seriously sexy. I tracked down their store on the chic Via Del Corso in Rome and it certainly fitted in with its upmarket neighbours. The shop’s stark white interior makes it feel like you are in a museum of notepads – really hot notepads. The Fabriano boutique came into being in 2002 but Fabriano paper has been around since 1264, so it’s got some serious history kudos.

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Introducing The Travelling Shopaholic

I love to shop. (Who doesn’t?!) I’m also a travel addict on a quest to visit 40 countries before turning 30. No matter where I am shopping is part of my agenda and as such I have discovered some very attractive places to shop around the world. I think it is only fair I share these global shopping secrets with the blogging world and would love it if you shared some of your shopping secrets back.

What’s coming?

The Travelling Shopaholic will be providing you with:

Shopping guides for cities around the world

Tips on finding bargains abroad

Seeking out the best vintage stores

Confessing about our latest purchases from yet another new dress to tacky souvenirs

and much, much more.

Get involved

Want to know the best shopping district within a particular city? Get in touch. Have a favourite destination you can’t help but splurge in? Let us know. Made an impulse purchase on holiday you immediately regret? Show us – there might be a reader who will take it off your hands! Leave your comment below or email – I look forward to hearing from you!