Four Fab Bookshops In Edinburgh

The historic cobbled streets of Edinburgh are a heaven for book lovers. The literary city is not only home to famous authors and a fantastic book festival but beautiful books shops too. From a design-driven contemporary store to cluttered caves of second-hand tomes – these are our favourite bookshops in Edinburgh.

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Shop Like A Local In The Philippines At The Ukay-Ukay!

Picture it – tons of inexpensive clothes arranged (often messily) on racks and shelves high and low. Customers meticulously go through each pair of used jeans and faded shirts, trying to find the one that fits them perfectly. A lady in the back bargains with the shopkeeper, both their voices loud, trying to settle on a price.

These are the common sounds of the Philippine ukay-ukay.

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Shopping In Seoul

Seoul is a city full of excitement. Parties go on all night, restaurants serve food into the wee hours of the morning and shopping malls stay open well past dark. Korean style is unique and shopping in the country’s capital is unlike any experience you’ve had before. Simply hop on the subway and pick a neighbourhood to explore.

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The Ultimate Packing Guide For Every Type Of Winter Break

When winter comes around, a lot of us find ourselves itching to either escape the freezing snowfall or to enjoy it on an adventure elsewhere. There are so many options for winter escapes: You can spend your time in a warm and sunny destination, take to the slopes for a sporty ski trip, get a dose of the downtown lifestyle in a bustling city, or head to the great outdoors for an adventurous escapade. No matter your taste for a winter escape this year, there is one thing that all of these trips have in common: packing.

Many people who travel have the same laments about packing: they don’t know what to bring! Thus, over-packing is a crime often committed but seldom remedied. For fear of not bringing enough, we bring way too much, which is sometimes more frustrating than the former. But not to fear, because I have some tried-and-true tips for you to use when packing for each of these winter escape scenarios, so that you can worry about much more important details of your trip, such as the itinerary. Happy packing!

Somewhere Sunny 

Less chill equals smaller clothes, which equals more packing space. Take advantage of this luxury and be sure to pack your favourite tanks, maxi dresses and swimsuits. Perhaps more important than the clothing, though, is beauty products. When it comes to hot destinations in the wintertime, chances are your skin will experience a sort of shock. Make sure to pack sunscreen and lotion. I love these ideas, one of which suggests a 2-in-1 dry oil to multitask against your dry skin and hair dilemmas.

sunny suit (lyst)

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Central Florida Shopping Guide: Hidden Gems You Might Not Know About

When people think of Central Florida, Disney World and other major theme parks immediately come to mind. Little do most realize that the area has a lot of amazing shopping. Check out some local hotspots below.

Trendy & Unique: Shop, Sip and See


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Park Avenue – This brick paved, oak lined avenue in Winter Park is a hidden gem except to those in-the-know. Besides the old Florida look and feel of this beautiful stretch of road, the multitude of boutiques, galleries and cafés is amazing.

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Adelaide Shopping Guide

Believe it or not, Australia is a gold mine, no, let’s make that an opal mine, for shopping. Known for delicious food, fashion, vintage or antique boutiques, the land down under won’t disappoint. More specifically, South Australia’s Adelaide won’t disappoint any shopaholic on the search for treasures, bargains and make-overs. Find out why Adelaide is a shopper’s dream-come-true by reading on.

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