5 Best Cities for Shopping in Africa

Last year I set off on an adventure to Africa. I thought that I had it all figured out and that I knew exactly what I could expect. But this mysterious continent took me by surprise. Apart from its natural beauty, the continent boasts some great shopping locations. If you are a fashion enthusiast as I am, you should definitely pin these cities to your map.

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Shopping In Egypt

In Egypt you can choose to shop at the markets and malls or let the shops come to you! I’ve never been anywhere with as many and varied shopping opportunities hiding around every corner as there are in Egypt. Behind pillars in temples, in front of ancient pyramids and even along the banks of the Nile!

Locals call the vendors ‘sharks’ as they can be a little predatory, ready to pounce at passing tourists. But some of their stock is so good a travelling shopaholic cannot help but be tempted. From ornaments, to books, spices, trinkets and even carpets, items will be waved in front of you, and I for one can’t help but buy them.

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Shopping On The Nile

Sanctuary Sun Boat III

Something whooshed past my head. A polyethylene package plopped on the floor behind me. Standing on the top deck of our Nile cruise ship, watching our progress through a busy lock by moonlight, I peered into the darkness to see where on earth the package had come from.

“Miss, you like?” enquired a voice from the water. I peered closer and by the lights of the ship could just make a vendor on a rowing boat waving a large tablecloth.

“Good price. Look,” he persisted.

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