The Must Stop Mediterranean Cruise Destinations For Shopaholics

Lapping up the beaming rays as you pound the pavements and stack your arms with shopping bags- sounds perfect, right? Well Mediterranean Cruises are your ticket to all of this and more. But where are the best spots to satisfy your inner shopaholic on a tour of the southern European coast? Well here are a few…

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5 Vibrant Markets To Visit In Turkey Outside Of Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul might be Turkey’s most famous market, but there are markets of all types to explore throughout the country. You can find everything from intricately woven rugs to delicious food, produce, and drinks. If you’re planning a on experiencing some Turkish delight and are hoping to explore the country’s famous markets, then here are 5 vibrant places to visit outside of the capital.

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Cyprus Class: The Almyra Hotel and Spa

Almyra Spa Photo by Thanos Hotels

We knew the Almyra was going to make our Stylish Hotels list as soon as we arrived. A serene water feature led the way to the hotel entrance, to the right our eye was caught by the words ‘Prada’ and ‘Mui Mui’ alongside the glittery designer threads in the hotel boutique. Once inside a humongous, fit-for-royalty-sized chandelier dominated the reception area, an array of leather sofas and candle arrangements spread throughout the rest of the stylish lounge.

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