5 Vibrant Markets To Visit In Turkey Outside Of Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul might be Turkey’s most famous market, but there are markets of all types to explore throughout the country. You can find everything from intricately woven rugs to delicious food, produce, and drinks. If you’re planning a on experiencing some Turkish delight and are hoping to explore the country’s famous markets, then here are 5 vibrant places to visit outside of the capital.

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Shopping On The Beach In Goa

“Don’t break my heart,” she said from beneath her kohl-rimmed eyes and long, dark lashes. She proffered the necklace even closer to my face and held my eyes. I really didn’t need more jewellery but how could I break this young girls heart?

“How much?” I replied. Her whole face broke into a smile.

In Goa you don’t go shopping, the shops come to you. From our sunbathing spot on Palolem Beach we’d been able to browse scarves and sarongs, anklets and trinkets – items that were dangled in front of our faces as we lay prone on the sand. I tried not to look, one glance could signify interest and as soon as a seller thought they had your attention the tugging of the heartstrings would begin.

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Neighbourgoods Market Johannesburg

Neighbourgoods Market Joburg

Imagine an industrial building transformed into a market setting. Fresh food cooked on the day, stalls piled high with homemade cakes, fresh flowers decorating communal tables. There’s a DJ in the corner and a rooftop bar where groups of friends sip local wine and sample boutique beers. The cakes on the first floor declare ‘Diet RIP’ and the designers on the second floor model their wares. Welcome to Neighbourgoods Market, my friends.

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The Ladies’ Market, Hong Kong

For the next installment of our ‘On The Market’ series we travel to Hong Kong with blogger Sophie Gallagher of Fashion Nomads. She is all too familiar with the perils of combining fashion and travelling and on this trip investigates the lesser-known aspects of the city to uncover the perfect market shopping experience.

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Belfast Continental Christmas Market

We were wandering down the Belfast equivalent of London’s Oxford Street in a straight line. I don’t think I have ever walked in a straight line on Oxford Street; you usually have to weave, dodge and jump your way around the heaving crowds coming from all directions, more so at Christmas time. Granted it was a Monday, but it was a Monday in December and yet the main streets of Belfast were perfectly navigable. What a sophisticated way to shop.

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Bargains Abroad: San Telmo Vintage Satchel

Update: This this treasure is currently for sale on ebay. Click here to bid. Hurry auction ends 30th May.

Remember that secret stall I told you about? The one hidden behind the fruit and veg vendors in the Mercado de San Telmo in Buenos Aires that sells amazing vintage bags for unbelievable prices? Well here is the evidence – my actual purchase.

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On the Market: Food in Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

So you have probably already realised that shopping and travelling are a big passion of mine. Well there is a third element to add to this – FOOD! Consequently I like nothing better than wandering around a food market on my travels (did you see the feature on the Mercado San Miguel in Madrid?) especially if said food market is known for aromatic coffee and scrumptious cakes. Introducing Torvehallerne Copenhagen!

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