5 Best Cities for Shopping in Africa

Last year I set off on an adventure to Africa. I thought that I had it all figured out and that I knew exactly what I could expect. But this mysterious continent took me by surprise. Apart from its natural beauty, the continent boasts some great shopping locations. If you are a fashion enthusiast as I am, you should definitely pin these cities to your map.

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Guide To Shopping In Woodstock Cape Town

Kat Van Duinen

A kilometre from Cape Town’s city centre, Woodstock used to be home to more textile factories than fashion outlets. But in very recent years this industrial area with mountains views has dramatically changed. The transformation of the Old Biscuit Mill into a hub of cafes and creativity led the way for further regeneration in the area. More recently the opening of the Woodstock Exchange, a collection of workshops-cum-boutiques, cafes and collectives, has bought even more fashion and design to the area. We moseyed around the streets, shops and restaurants, sampling the food and fashion and meeting their creators, to bring you this guide to shopping in Woodstock.

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Neighbourgoods Market Johannesburg

Neighbourgoods Market Joburg

Imagine an industrial building transformed into a market setting. Fresh food cooked on the day, stalls piled high with homemade cakes, fresh flowers decorating communal tables. There’s a DJ in the corner and a rooftop bar where groups of friends sip local wine and sample boutique beers. The cakes on the first floor declare ‘Diet RIP’ and the designers on the second floor model their wares. Welcome to Neighbourgoods Market, my friends.

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