A Stylish Guide to Martha’s Vineyard

stylish guide to martha's vineyard

I spent most of my summers growing up visiting Martha’s Vineyard, a small island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Hop a ferry from the mainland and in less than an hour you’ll be in one of the islands two main ports. It’s an idyllic New England summer escape and one that has left a truly lasting impression on me.

It’s a place full of memories, days spent on the beach, diving into the ocean from the infamous jumping bridge, eating ice cream and the smell of fresh fudge. It brings back so many emotions, I can’t help but smile.

I recently revisited the island as an adult and all those feelings came rushing back, all those smells were there, the same beaches, the same breakfasts. Except, it was even better. Suddenly I was interested in all the amazing boutique hotels, the delicious restaurants that are serving up top quality food, and the plethora of shopping there is to be had.

Now when I think of Martha’s Vineyard I don’t immediately think of flying horses and fudge, I think of charcuterie and plush beds, whisky bars and mudslides. I think of the grown-up version of Martha’s Vineyard instead.

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Central Florida Shopping Guide: Hidden Gems You Might Not Know About

When people think of Central Florida, Disney World and other major theme parks immediately come to mind. Little do most realize that the area has a lot of amazing shopping. Check out some local hotspots below.

Trendy & Unique: Shop, Sip and See


photo thanks to ferrellrealtyinc.com

Park Avenue – This brick paved, oak lined avenue in Winter Park is a hidden gem except to those in-the-know. Besides the old Florida look and feel of this beautiful stretch of road, the multitude of boutiques, galleries and cafés is amazing.

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Doing Disney: A Theme Park Holiday In Florida

As much as I hate to use a cliché, my recent Florida holiday literally was the trip of a lifetime. The thing is, there is so much more to a Florida holiday than Mickey Mouse and rollercoasters, as I will hopefully prove. Although, while I’m on that subject…

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New York Shopping Secrets

New York

We’ve all heard of Fifth Avenue – the names Tiffany, Macy’s, Saks and Bloomingdale’s roll off the tongue of any travelling shopaholic. But where do New Yorkers go when they want to find a bargain or peacefully browse second-hand books? Read on as we reveal our New York shopping secrets.

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A Local’s Guide To: The Upper East Side New York

Photo by Otte New York

Luxury travel writer Katie Goldstein, author of Traveling Panties, tells us about the best places to shop in her locale of the Upper East Side New York.

I’m a resident Upper-East-Sider in Manhattan and every time I say it out loud, or as the case here, in a guest post, all I can think of is how lucky I am to reside in New York. The Upper East Side has some of the best shopping in the world and although it is probably one of the biggest blessings to live alongside some of the best shops in the world (especially after growing up in the midwest where the Gap was the height of fashion), it is also a curse. Every day I have to gather the strength to pass by fabulous stores and have the will power to keep on walkin’! Sigh. (This is the part where you pretend to feel badly for me…)

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Vintage Shopping in Vegas

Bonanza Gift Store

Las Vegas is well known for being a gamblers paradise; a city that requires a large bankroll to stay competitive. However, there are some shopping options to suit the stricter budget. For some budget bargains you need to get to grips with Las Vegas thrift!

Thrift shopping in Vegas has its own unique sense of style. Below are some of the places you can discover some vintage gems whilst getting around Vegas. They all have great deals on more than just your typical hand-me-downs.

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