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Top Packing Tips For A Shopping Trip

In my line of work you become a bit of pro when it comes to packing. I put things in my case almost on autopilot – sometimes I don’t even have the chance to take them out in-between trips. But packing for a shopping holiday is a bit different. Not only do you have the practical considerations of what to wear whilst out there but you have to think ahead about what you may be planning to buy – and how on earth you going to get it home again!

With that in mind here are my top tips on packing for a shopping trip:


This may be obvious but I tend to plan ahead the outfits I will wear on any type of trip and then pack only them. If you haven’t worn the item for a while try it on again before you put it in the suitcase just to make sure you are happy with it.


Lists are my packing saviour and in this instance you will need several.

  1. List everything you need to pack – the planned outfits, toiletries, chargers, shoes, accessories, undies..
  2. List the things you will need to pack on the morning of departure – toothbrush, hair straighteners and any other items you can’t put in the case the night before
  3. List potential items you would like to buy abroad and think how you will bring them home

The Foldaway

Pack a foldable bag in your luggage in case you need to check an extra bag in on the way home. I always travel with an extra Longchamp tote – just in case!



I’m a big fan of rolling items of clothing – particularly if they are light layers like leggings and t-shirts. Lay heavier items like jeans flat along the bottom of the case and save jackets until last to be laid flat across the top.

Russian Dolls

I like to hide items within one another to save space. So for example my delicate clothing (whites and silks) I protect within a laundry bag which will be utilized for laundry on the way home. Tuck items of jewellery into an evening clutch and stuff socks and undies into shoes.

Bare Essentials

Don’t you think that travel sized toiletries are an absolute rip off? Paying more money for less product offends me, so I don’t do it. Nor do I spend time decanting toiletries into a smaller bottle – I just pack less. I have one toiletry bag for the bare essentials ( shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, facial wipes) and a smaller bag for make up. During my usual daily routine I use about 5 products, this doesn’t change when I go abroad.

The Luggage

I guess it makes sense to end with a short note on the type and size of luggage you choose. Too small and it will be bursting at the seams and too big and you will be tempted to fill it! I travel with the 24 inch Tourister case by SuitSuit. It’s size is perfect for a 5 to 7 day trip and I absolutely adore the Fabulous Fifties design and luscious shade of lilac it comes in. It’s 4 wheels are fully flexible, it comes with a TSA approved lock and the luxurious interior includes pockets, compartments and a laundry bag to tuck away precious items. packing2

When it comes to packing it I line my shoes around the edge and put heavy items at the bottom – again common sense but easily overlooked.

So that’s my top packing tips for a shopping trip. Do you have any to share?

For more information on SuitSuit and their Fabulous Fifties style luggage (now stocked in Selfridges) visit their website.

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  1. Sounds like we have some pretty similar packing styles, except I found rolling hasn’t worked out too well for me. I use packing cubes, which help me keep my clothing organized and I can squish them into odd places. I love the potential shopping list idea, and I adore that luggage.

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